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Even though my case was unique in the situation and charges, they were able to work with the truth and reality, and get my felony case of Child Neglect completely dismissed. Not only are they diligent in fighting for their clients’ best outcome, but also,they genuinely care for each person they work with. Their wisdom and years of experience mold their perseverance in battling for what is right and just. They make sure that they are available as much as possible, and I highly recommend Greer Law Firm.”

- C.B

I was charged with DUI, driving under suspension, unsafe lane change and no insurance. I hired Chad A. Greer of Greer Law Firm to represent me. For weeks, they researched several legal issues and filed a motion to quash arrest and suppress evidence. The Judge threw the whole case out! When leaving the courtroom as a free man, the Judge told Mr. Greer, “It was a pleasure to read such a well-thought and prepared motion”. Greer Law Firm successfully and aggressively defended my rights!”

- P.A.

I was charged with First Degree Robbery and Second Degree Burglary of an Automobile. I was facing up to life in prison. It took 2 years before it went to jury trial. I was represented by Greer Law Firm throughout the jury trial, in which I was found not guilty. If it weren’t for Chad Greer going to battle for me to prove that I was and am an innocent man, I would have lost everything, including my family. I would have missed out on my 3 beautiful girls growing up. Chad Greer saved my life! Because of him, I am a free man and have an amazing career that allows me to help people and enjoy every day with my family. I’d recommend Chad Greer to anyone! He is very knowledgeable of the law, and his experience and professionalism are impeccable! Thank You So Much Chad! You are a Life Saver!”

- C.H.

I had a bad check charge in the amount of $5, and was prosecuted. I was astonished. Chad A. Greer took a stressful situation and acted on my behalf in such an expedient way, that he got the case dismissed. I had no probation and no time served. I would recommend him to anyone.

- J.H.

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