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We are a criminal defense law firm that protects people charged with all types of severe or minor crimes. We develop an aggressive, strategic approach to create the best solution for each individual case, to ensure your rights have not been violated. Our expertise includes cases involving murder, child neglect, child abuse, rape, robbery, manufacturing controlled substances, burglary and larceny.

Child Abuse & Neglect Charges

Child abuse/neglect is an emotionally charged, serious criminal offense. These charges often result from complicated and emotionally difficult experiences, which is why it is important to consult with an experienced attorney as soon as possible. A child abuse/neglect conviction can result in serious prison time, large fines, and a permanent criminal record.

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Domestic Violence Defense

Unfortunately, domestic violence accusations are often used to gain a stronger position in a custody battle over children. Greer Law Firm will take the necessary steps in attempting to expose these motives of the alleged victim, which can prevent the filing of the charges altogether. Although domestic battery and assault are misdemeanor offenses, those charges can be enhanced if there are aggravating circumstances present such as prior domestic violence convictions or if a minor was the victim.

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Drug Crimes Defense

Drug offenses encompass a wide range of offenses, from possession of drug paraphernalia to the illegal possession of chemicals to drug trafficking. The State of Oklahoma is not lenient on drug offenders, even if you are facing your first conviction. Most drug offenses are punished as felonies, and can be charged on both the state and federal levels. A drug offense conviction not only carries extensive prison time and extensive fines, but can have a profound negative impact on other areas of your life.

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DUI & Alcohol Crimes Defense

If you’ve been recently arrested for a DUI, you need a seasoned DUI attorney in Tulsa, OK to help you understand your rights. DUI penalties can be far-reaching in Oklahoma, so it’s important to have quality counsel. Greer Law Firm will advise you on the best course of action to take, to avoid hefty fines and jail time. As a result of increased awareness of the dangers and impacts of driving under the influence, charges in Oklahoma are statutorily determined and can be life altering.

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Juvenile Defense (Delinquent)

Juvenile crimes are all illegal acts committed by a person below the legal age of 18. In the past, juvenile crimes were greatly overlooked and thought of as part of the “growing” experience. Today, juveniles committing crimes face serious, life-altering legal consequences. Juvenile crimes are no longer considered small problems.

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Juvenile Defense (Deprived)

When a juvenile is alleged to be deprived, then the State of Oklahoma can file for termination of parental rights. Clearly, without experienced legal intervention, a parent can lose their parental rights permanently.

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Murder & Homicide Defense

If you are facing murder charges in Oklahoma, you need an experienced criminal defense attorney on your side working tirelessly to represent your best defense. Your future, your freedom, even your very life, could be on the line. We are committed to ensuring our clients are protected from the filing of charges through case resolution. Greer Law Firm is dedicated to protecting their client’s rights and freedom.

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Sealing of Criminal Records

Everyone makes mistakes. However, if you have committed but a single criminal offense, you may qualify to hire Greer Law Firm to seal your criminal record from public view. This means that your arrest, booking photograph, fingerprint card and arrest record can be sealed from view.

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Sex Crimes Defense

Don’t gamble with allegations of sex crimes. Over time, countless individuals in Oklahoma and beyond have come to Greer Law Firm for a sex crimes defense. Sex crimes accusations and the penalties associated with these charges are some of the most serious in the criminal system. Therefore, choosing a law firm that can defend your rights with the best possible solution is imperative. Greer Law Firm has proven through numerous sex crime cases, that we find the best solution for your unique case.

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Theft Crimes Defense

Theft crimes encompass charges of burglary, larceny and/or robbery, depend upon the dollar value of the property stolen. Aggravating circumstances can include the use of violence, the use of a weapon, and/or physical assault, any of which may amplify the sentence, if convicted. If you are convicted, you face numerous life-altering legal consequences such as imprisonment, monetary fines, restitution, probation, and community service.

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Disclaimer: Chad A. Greer, and Greer Law Firm only provide legal advice after having entered into an attorney client relationship, which this article specifically does not create. Only after having entered into a representation agreement with Greer Law Firm will an attorney-client relationship have been created. It is imperative that any action taken by you should be done on advice of legal counsel.