Domestic Violence Defense

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Unfortunately, domestic violence accusations are often used to gain a stronger position in a custody battle over children. Greer Law Firm will take the necessary steps in attempting to expose these motives of the alleged victim, which can prevent the filing of the charges altogether. Although domestic battery and assault are misdemeanor offenses, those charges can be enhanced if there are aggravating circumstances present such as prior domestic violence convictions or if a minor was the victim.

The best thing a person can do after being charged with domestic violence is to hire a knowledgeable attorney. Greer Law Firm can fight for your rights by questioning evidence presented against the accused offender, interview involved parties, fight to secure the person’s release on a reasonable bond, negotiate criminal charges, and protect the person’s constitutional rights.

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Greer Law Firm has represented individuals charged with a range of criminal offenses, including child abuse and neglect, murder and homicide, drug charges, sex crimes, DUI and alcohol crimes, domestic violence, theft crimes and juvenile offenses. Our firm is committed to providing an aggressive, strategic defense that is uniquely tailored for each client. Our passion for what we do is why our firm has earned a reputation for excellence throughout the State of Oklahoma.


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