Juvenile Defense (Delinquent)

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Juvenile crimes are all illegal acts committed by a person below the legal age of 18. In the past, juvenile crimes were greatly overlooked and thought of as part of the “growing” experience. Today, juveniles committing crimes face serious, life-altering legal consequences. Juvenile crimes are no longer considered small problems.

Increasingly, prosecutors are charging juveniles (who are accused of more severe crimes) as adults. If a juvenile filed on as an adult, the case will progress the same as an adult case. A convicted juvenile offender faces various legal penalties, which may include: prison time, court-ordered counseling, probation, community service, and monetary fines. Juvenile charges should never be taken lightly. Even though a minor committed the crime, he/she will be subject to severe legal penalties, if convicted. Greer Law Firm can advise the minor of their rights, negotiate charges, and can prevent the minor from being charged as an adult. Most importantly, we make sure that the minor has a second chance at life.

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Greer Law Firm has represented individuals charged with a range of criminal offenses, including child abuse and neglect, murder and homicide, drug charges, sex crimes, DUI and alcohol crimes, domestic violence, theft crimes and juvenile offenses. Our firm is committed to providing an aggressive, strategic defense that is uniquely tailored for each client. Our passion for what we do is why our firm has earned a reputation for excellence throughout the State of Oklahoma.