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Drug offenses are serious crimes. They encompass a wide range of offenses. These include illegal possession of drugs, illegal use, trafficking and other serious transactions. When facing a drug crime charge, it is important to secure the services of a Tulsa Drug Attorney as soon as you can.

Although the drug laws for simple possession have evolved into misdemeanors, the State of Oklahoma takes a very hard stance with people charged with manufacturing, trafficking, and possessing with the intent to distribute drugs. These more serious drug offenses are punished as felonies and even the least can have serious consequences, even if you are a first-time offender.

While drug-related offenses are serious and the charges extremely complex, they are not impossible to defeat. To get the best chance at a positive conclusion, however, you need to rely on extremely skilled legal counsel.

At Greer Law Firm, we have made it our responsibility to fight as hard as we can for our clients. As soon as you reach out to us, we will help you understand your rights and how you may enforce them. We will determine the evidence that the prosecution has against you and help you find a positive conclusion. We will develop a plan tailored to your situation that will include actions you, as the client, can take to help put you into a better light with a prosecutor and a judge.

Drug-related offenses in Oklahoma

There are many types of offenses that would come under the umbrella of drug-related offenses. These may include sale, use, possession or dealing in prohibited substances.

Illegal possession means that a person knowingly and intentionally has possession of a drug without a valid prescription. The amount must be consistent with personal use. It is the most common drug charge.

Legally, illegal use alleges that a person has made recreative or unsanctioned use of a prohibited substance. This could mean that the person used the drug without a prescription from a doctor.

Trafficking is basically a possession charge on steroids. The amount of the drug possessed implies it is for distribution. Drug traffickers are often faced with lengthy jail sentences and large amounts of fines.

Other related transactions include illegal manufacture and packaging. When illegal manufacture of a drug is alleged, it anticipates the creation of a synthetic chemical substance without an appropriate permit or license.

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