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Facing a DUI charge in Oklahoma can be terrifying. Even as a first time offender, a DUI can cost you more than $1,000 and suspension of your license for at least 30 days, assuming you get off easy.  It only gets worse from there.

This is because most of the penalties for an Oklahoma and Tulsa DUI are statutorily determined. It means that there are penalties that a prosecutor would be bound to ask for and that a judge would have no choice but to impose.

Once these penalties are imposed, they can have a life-altering impact, not just on you, but on your loved ones as well. This is why the best course of action to take after being arrested for a DUI in Tulsa is to immediately contact a seasoned Tulsa DUI attorney.

A skilled attorney can help you understand your rights and how to exercise them. With their experience, your Tulsa DUI attorney can help you review your circumstances and find the best defense.

The quality representation that a knowledgeable and diligent firm like Greer Law Firm can provide will often be the difference between a conviction and a reduced charge. In deserving circumstances, we can even help get the charge dismissed.

While we are based in Tulsa, we have helped clients from all counties in Oklahoma defend against various charges. For us, the goal is the same: to ensure that you enjoy the full benefit of your rights and work towards securing a positive resolution for you.

DUI in Oklahoma

Under Oklahoma DUI laws, it is unlawful for any person to drive a vehicle within the state while they are under the influence. For the purposes of the law, driving under the influence applies as much to drugs and intoxicants as it applies to alcohol.

There are two main instances when a person may be arrested for a DUI. The first is when they have a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) level of .08 or higher. For a person operating a commercial motor vehicle, the limit is .04%. It is not necessary that a person with a BAC this high must be drunk or show signs of impairment. Merely driving or attempting to operate a vehicle with a BAC above the legal limit will lead to arrest for a DUI.

A person can still be arrested and charged for a DUI even if their BAC is below .08%. If the person displays signs of impairment while operating or attempting to drive a vehicle, they can be arrested for a DUI.  This is the second instance.

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