The Gathering Place Tulsa, Oklahoma

Where Tulsans Come Together

A Tulsa dream came true in 2014 after years of planning and donations, community input, and more planning that turned the waterfront on 100 acres along the Arkansas River into the Gathering Place. It is here where the residents of Tulsa’s communities can come and explore nature, learn nature, and play.

This world-class park is a dream come true for many and in the Fall of 2018, guests enjoyed this space for the first time. It is here that an ongoing adventure begins for all that visit, using only their imagination to make things come to life for them.

The Gathering Place is Tulsa, a diverse and passionate people that hold true to their beliefs with a mission. That mission is to bring all of Tulsa together as a united front, family, friends, neighbors, from every corner of this city. It is here that the spirit of unity is expressed all around.

Awards All Around for This Tulsa Gem

Tulsa has many gems within the city, but none have gained as much recognition and been awarded as much as the Gathering Place. Some of the awards this year alone are:

  • ENR Best Project of 2019

This $465 million project, partially funded by George Kaiser Foundation, took over 65 acres with 6,000 trees and 20,000 tons of sandstone along the Arkansas River and created a community place that is unparalleled by many. With a boathouse and a lodge, families and visitors can enjoy the beauty. There are more than 160 play structures and a dozen themed spaces to be enjoyed by all.

  • USA Today’s Best New Attraction 2019

Along Tulsa’s riverfront is the Gathering Place, an inclusive green space where Tulsans and visitors go to engage with each other and relax. This expansive park uses over 6 million gallons of water and has 80 tree species all lending to nature. For the kids, there is an adventure playground and for the watercraft lovers, there is a boathouse. For the quiet person, there is a reading tree and a sensory garden to enjoy.

  • National Geographic’s 12 Mind-bending Playgrounds Around the World

The Gathering is situated so that it overlooks the Arkansas River. The price tag was over $400 million, but Tulsan’s got their money’s worth with the Gathering Place. This 5-acre park was an ambitious undertaking that offers visitors seven realms, designed for various age groups, starting with Volcanoville, a toddler-friendly area and for older kids, there’s a place with a zip line.

Take a Break From the Fun and Grab a Bite!

There are various culinary options that will accommodate many budgets and dietary restrictions. From coffee and sweets at the Redbud Café to full meals or a cold beer at The Patio for a quick bite or a quiet brew. There is the Vista at the Boathouse where you can enjoy a more intimate setting with drinks and sit-down meal, too.

Events Year Round!

All year long, the Gathering Place hosts a variety of festivals. You’ll find food from many different vendors in the taste of many different cultures. If you want a snack while enjoying the park, you’ll find food carts throughout the park.

Gathering Place
2650 S John Williams Way, Tulsa, OK 74114

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